Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 4- Where did you go???

Isn't it amazing how a whole week can fly by without a clue as to where it went?  That was our week, thank you and goodnight!  No seriously, we trudged through the week, playing catch up a bit.  Greg had my camera at the shop (woodworking) and I didn't take many pics.  We had some colds to contend with and overall it was just a 'bleh' kind of week.  You'll have that, right?  Boy, we have our share!

Anyway, we learned about Christian Hero, Harriet Tubman.  Wow, it's tough trying to explain slavery in America to the kids!  They just don't seem to "get it."  Anyone know of a good film to help them see and understand what slaves in the U.S. went through?  I think it's important that they grasp this a little better, especially the older kids. 

Luca, my kindergartner, is so excited to do his letters everyday.  Last year he could care less, so it's really cool to see him retaining the information this year, and the eagerness to learn.  Here is a sample of his work...

We have more geography cards on display, click here for a slide show.  We are learning all about forests.  It's so fun to learn all these awesome things alongside your children.  I hope they home school their own children someday, so they can get educated!  ;)  You appreciate the knowledge so much more as an adult. 

So, we took a tour around America.  Explored the diversity.  From the deserts, to the forests, the mountains, lakes, and cities.  We explored the bitter cold of Alaska, and the warm tropics of Hawaii.  If only...

This is a really fun book with great illustrations, and tons of really interesting facts about our country.  We learned the story behind The Star Spangled Banner.  I was prompted to sing it.  Why is it that I get choked up a little EVERY TIME I sing that song???   Yep, I do, right around the part, '...and the flag was still there...'   

Next stop, Mexico...ALL ABOARD!!!

See you there!


  1. Last week was a super quick fly-by week for us too, can you believe it will be OCTOBER next week?! this whole summer has whizzed right by!

  2. Alex Haleys Roots is a great story. It is very long. My family watched a portion each day. The is on youtube. We pulled it up on our flatscreen and watched every night.